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Contractual/Binding Agreements

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Copyright Disclaimer

All information contained within the email message and any files transmitted with it remain the property of OSports. The use of this information shall be as set forth by Federal and State Copyright Laws, as well as the Architectural Works Copyright Act. Reuse of drawings, specifications, electronic data and other data transmitted by electronic transfer without our knowledge and consent is at the recipient’s sole risk and without liability to us. Further, the recipient shall agree to indemnify and hold Osborn Engineering harmless from and against claims, damages, losses and expenses arising out of unauthorized reuse of these Instruments of Service. These Instruments of Service shall not be used on other projects without our express knowledge and written consent.

Transfer of Copyright Ownership/Assignment

Unless otherwise stated in Contract, OSports retains copyright ownership. Instruments of Service may only be used for the purpose described in the Contract. OSports may grant specific usage rights under license, and/or may transfer copyright ownership/assignment in writing. Reproduction, re-use or re-distribution of Instruments of Service is prohibited. Trading Partner Agreements shall be established at the beginning of a project to include acceptable usage of shared information.

Limits of Liability

Owner/Contractor/Consultant shall not rely in any way on any document unless it is in printed form, signed or sealed by the Architect/Engineer or one of its Consultants. OSports makes no representations or warranties regarding usability, readability or compatibility of documents sent in electronic form. The information being transmitted electronically shall not be considered as a Contract Document and therefore shall not be relied upon as final or complete.